At Artic Consulting, we are innovating the roles we offer to advance the careers of those who work for us. I worked as a Senior Program Manager for several years at Microsoft and other companies, but recently I have also picked up management consulting and financial-focused skills. This is resonating with our clients and filling additional needs which we’d like to formalize as consulting service offerings.

As a result we are now calling my discipline “Business Management” instead of Program Management. We plan to offer these types of services — project management but also product strategy and financial model creation — to our clients via our new “Business Management Services” practice, which I lead.

This year we will most likely be hiring people to join my practice, in both Redmond, WA and Irvine, CA. You can get your resume in now by applying via the Careers page on our website.

Candidates should have around 5 years of experience working as a project or product manager, and be able to learn new skills quickly. It’s also critical to be able to self-manage to advance specific initiatives rapidly. Business, financial, and technical acumen is important at Artic as we strive to create transformative business value for our clients.