A little about me.

I’m an experienced technology/engineering manager with over 20 years of experience delivering custom software solutions at scale which delight customers. Beginning in February 2019, I am leading the Business Management Services practice at Artic Consulting to create transformative business value for our clients.

I’m a former Microsoft Senior Program Manager, and worked in the Office, SharePoint, MSN, Retail Stores and Visual Studio product groups. I built the PMO at my last consulting company and helped manage our accounts for several large enterprise clients.

I volunteer as the IT Director for The Mars Society; we are pioneering the exploration of Mars. I recently joined the Steering Committee, and last year I led a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $31k for The Mars Society to begin serious VR projects for public outreach and STEM education, creating the first high-quality VR application for the Mars Desert Research Station. I’ve been responsible for keeping our online presences on the cutting edge since 2011.

I am a polylingual software developer. Throughout my career — from a 19 year-old website designer featured on the front page of the Jacksonville, Florida newspaper who developed the first website for an NFL (American Football) team, to my first Microsoft position after college, to the dot-coms, back in Microsoft in various roles, and now with Artic and The Mars Society, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work on innovative technologies that create new business value and tell the story of what we do to mass audiences.

I worked on SharePoint before it became a billion-dollar product and helped the Mars Society (and human exploration of Mars) attain new heights of popularity using social media and VR applications.

I have a proven track record of cross functional team management, building out and executing program management methodologies including PMI/Waterfall and Scrum/Agile.