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  • March Executive Director’s Letter
    From the Executive Director It’s been three months since I was appointed as Executive Director by Robert and our Board of Directors, with the broad support of our Steering Committee, members, and supporters, and I wanted to provide everyone an update on how I see things progressing in my new role. The Mars Society was… Read more: March Executive Director’s Letter
  • My History with the Mars Society
    This blog post describes my personal history with the Mars Society, from way back in 1998 until the present day.
  • The Space Race of the 2020s
    Is there a Space Race happening right now? It’s hard for me to believe, but some people doubt this. This article provides some evidence as well as concrete goals. Anybody who knows me personally understands how intense of a person I am, and my skills of being able to research into topics and technologies. And, I have been… Read more: The Space Race of the 2020s

James Burk is the Executive Director of the Mars Society and is leading the set up of the Mars Technology Institute. His responsibilities include managing the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah and the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station in Canada, both critical for Mars analog research. He commanded Transatlantic MDRS Crew 261, a notable mission in analog astronautics which was featured on CBS and Northwest Aerospace News Magazine. With a background as a Microsoft engineer and technical project director, Burk combines broad technological expertise with a deep passion for space exploration.